Sports and Performance Based Chiropractic Care

Many athletes benefit from Chiropractic Care.

From Weekend Warriors to Olympic medalists, From Local rugby players to All Blacks,

Many athletes use Sports based Chiropractic to improve their performance in sport.

Flexibilty , accuracy of Judgement, speed, strength and stamina,  can benefit from a little improvement.

Chiropractic does not stop at simple manipulation, Sports based Chiropractic addresses the Neuro Musculo skeletal aspects of the human body and seek to address issues which may inhibit full potential for an athlete.

Specific Soft Tissue Techniques ,trigger point, Stretches, Analysing Muscle Firing patterns, functional Neurology, Kinesiology,Biomechanics all play a part in athletic outcomes and are parts of Sports Chiropractic analysis and treatment.

Many Chiropractors (like myself) have extra skills and are involved with managing extremity issues such as wrist,shoulder, elbow, knees and ankles and will address these within therapy.

Repeat hamstring tears and strains, recurrent knee problems, shoulder and rotator cuff issues lie within the scope of Sports Chiropractic care.

My own background involves Post Graduate Qualifications in Sports Chiropractic and I have been fortunate to have been the Chiropractor for the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth games teams in Athens Beijing Melbourne and Delhi games.

I have been an active participant in Multisport Triathlon, White water Kayaking, and have represented NZ at Slalom and White Water racing. I am an active Skier and enjoy the NZ outdoors.

I understand athletes and their need to get back on track quickly.