Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Restoring movement, reducing pain, returning function is an aim for most clients who have injuries.

So often the loss of movement that we feel as "stiffness" is a progressive one, occurring over a long period of time until one day we take the body too far or lift too much. That is when we REALLY feel it.

Pain is a signal that the body is letting you know there is some form of limit or danger in what you are doing.

Other times it is a specific acute trauma that begins the problem like a fall, sport or injury.

Often inflammation will build up around the joints and muscles and these chemicals have an irritating effect on the tissues and will produce pain.

One of the early aims of care is to quickly reduce inflammation, this can occur through returning normal movement, ice or heat, Chiropractic adjustments, topical anti infammatory creams or where necessary oral anti inflammatory medications.

However just taking medication usually does not resolve the reason why the inflammation or pain is there.

Addressing the cause whilst alleviating pain is a wise move.

So who can benefit? Most people will benefit from care. Regardless of age (Treatment is tailored around your specific situation.)

If Chiropractic care is appropriate for you then we will tell you and we can discuss appropriate treatment. If not then we will refer you to someone who can help you.